Our Story - Nuubia


Our Story

Nuubia  is a Bay Area artisan chocolatier making fine confections in the French tradition hand crafted from precious, humanely sourced premium ingredients. We love creating beautiful products and giving people a peek into the world of fine chocolatiers and where chocolate comes from.

Besides being fine chocolatiers we're avid conservationists. Embedded in our DNA is our passion to protect the Planet. Because of the destructive practices of the palm oil industry we AVOID all Palm Oil. Our products are Non-GMO, Gluten-free and all of our chocolate covered nuts and fruits are Vegan.  We have earned the right to be labeled "Wild Safe","Orangutan Safe" and "Cruelty-Free" .  Our goal is to make products which taste good and are good for the Earth.

Nuubia is the World’s First Confectioner to Commit to Sourcing Wildlife Friendly® Ingredients Proving People, Planet and Profit are Compatible.  As a Charter Member of the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network,  Nuubia is committed to sourcing "Wildlife-Friendly" certified ingredients and making a difference in people’s lives with products that showcase efforts to protect endangered habitats, species and wild ecosystems.

All our packaging is sustainably sourced, FSC certified and made to strict specifications.  We hope, in our own small way, to demonstrate that it's possible to make fine chocolates that are pure, incredible, and made without destroying forest ecosystems and non-human species.