Chocolate Espresso Krispies. 1/2 Lb Bag

1 Bag (225gr - 8oz)

1/2 pound of rich Caramelized Brown Rice Krispies - each individual krispies is drenched in chocolate with a nuance of Espresso.

Eat them by the handful - they make a perfect nutritious ( and decadent ) snack !

100% Palm-Oil Free: All of our products are natural & we take great pride in sourcing ingredients that are sustainably grown and respectful of wildlife, humanity and the ecosystems from which they are derived. 

RE SHIPPING: IT'S HOT! HOT! HOT! It's summertime and that means chocolate will melt!!!  If you're shipping outside of California, DO NOT request GROUND SHIPPING, even if more affordable.  Your chocolates will arrive melted if you do. We have NO CONTROL OVER THE HEAT AND CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MELTED SHIPMENTS! During the summertime, All purchases outside of California MUST be shipped Priority Overnight as a precaution to protecting your chocolates

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